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EMC is a non-governmental and non profit medical organization established in April - 2005 and licensed by the Ministry of Interior under the resolution no. (5002) on May 26th 2005 according to articles (4, 5) Law No. (15) For the year 2001 and adapted itself to the new law no. 1 of 2011 for  Kurdistan non-governmental organizations.

We are a team of surgeons, physicians and paramedics committed to providing you the most state of the art care in the field of burn and war surgery , we strive for quality of care and patient satisfaction.


Our Mission

We consider all Iraqis have unique needs and should have good health without illness or injury. With the support of the community and through our courage of inquiry, we will prevent, treat and eliminate injuries.

Our Vision

We will be one of the best hospitals in providing care to war related and spinal cord injuries, burn and in treating children with congenital heart diseases.

Our promise is to care for every patient in our region, regardless of their ethnicity, race and religion.




 - Reconstruction of Emergency hospital

EMC as a non-governmental medical organization proposed a project for re-construction of Emergency war surgery hospital in Erbil.

The purpose of the project is to sustain and mobilize the skills and know-how in war surgery in an area where millions of mine and unexploded ordinance, political conflicts, act of terrorism are threatening civilians.

The reconstruction opens a new chapter for EMC-Emergency Hospital, laying a foundation for its future.....



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