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 Reconstruction of Emergency hospital

Reconstruction of Emergency hospital

EMC as a non-governmental medical organization proposed a project for re-construction of Emergency war surgery hospital in Erbil
The purpose of the project is to sustain and mobilize the skills and know-how in war surgery in an area where millions of mine and unexploded ordinance, political conflicts, act of terrorism are threatening civilians.


The reconstruction opens a new chapter for EMC-Emergency Hospital, laying a foundation for its future development and presenting a chance for it to also improve and exchange staff’s skills and services to better meet the needs of victims throughout the county.

The reconstruction will also help us achieve the goal of reducing morbidity and mortality among vulnerable children with congenital heart diseases and war victims morbidity and mortality in the county, since the new building enables us to provide standardized clinical service for almost every victim in the county The project also focuses on building the capacity and providing training to health staff to manage the new facilities, better serve the community and prepare for future emergencies.

EMC proposed a 150-beds (7 storey’s, total building area 32,520 M2) hospital to be built on a 12,000 square meter land (92*152*130*107 M), the hospital suits the following five main functional departments as per domestic needs and specifications wards, in-patient services, out-patient service, ancillary services, administrative services and General services and look at new technologies and thinking in healthcare design integrating functional requirements with the human needs of its varied users.


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