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 EMC-Emergency Management Centre is a non-governmental medical organization, It provides free treatment to Iraqi civilian war victims on neutral and equal basis. EMC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.

Donations to EMC support vital emergency medical and surgical activities that are provided for free to victims of war-related injuries, burns and children with congenital heart disease.

With just $100, you can make it possible to get a wheelchair for a spinal cord in injury patient, and with $500 or more, you can cover the cost of a life-saving surgery for a blast victims. With $1000 or more you can make it possible to save.

EMC fundraising and collecting voluntary contributions as money or other possessions, by requesting donations from individuals, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Fundraising for treatment of children with congenital heart diseases and vulnerable adult patients is one of the objectives of EMC organization. Some of the EMC fundraising activates were:

  • In February 2008, EMC fundraised 1,596,000,000 ID (1, 100, 1000 USD) for treating 406 children with congenital heart diseases form Mr.Nechirwan Barzaniís office/ health department. Also in the same year his Excellency donated 2012,575,000 ID for treating another 58 children with congenital heart diseases and 564,281,000 for treating adults with severe heart diseases needing urgent treatment from all over Iraq without any sort of discriminations.

  • February 2009, 85,000 USD fund gathered for treating 29 children with complex forms of congenital heart diseases with the expertise and aid of Italian foundation (Med child). The health department of Mr. Nechirwan Barzaniís office donated 1,009,976,000 ID during the period of May Ė September 2009 to treat 156 children with heart disease.

  • In May 2009 EMC fund raising 153,072,000 ID to treat 15 children with complex congenital heart disease with the help of a specialized team from Groningen university hospital in Netherlands.

  • In first quarter 2010 EMC collected and spent over 240,000,000 ID to treat 115 children with congenital heart diseases with the local cardiac surgical team.

  • January ĖDecember 2010, an amount of ID 745,000,000 collected for Performing diagnosis and surgical correction or interventional catheterization for congenital 208 patients, mostly children with cardiac anomalies from various parts of Iraq irrespective of any kind of discriminations.

  • From January to December 2011, an amount of ID 897,587,500 collected from the charity medical office of Mr. Nechirwan Barzani and spent on treatment of 373 cases of heart diseases from different locations of Iraq.

  • In 2012, EMC collected an amount of 1,203,028,000 ID from Mr. Nechirwan Barzaniís office/health department for treating 563 patients with heart disease from different part of Iraq.

Congenital heart diseases (CHD) survey conducted in December 2008 throughout August 2009 was the biggest surveillance conducted with the help of USAID fund (over 250,000 USD) and DAI (development alternatives inc.), the survey aimed at obtaining consistent data (name, age, sex, location, medical history and examination, investigations, diagnosis and priority for intervention) on congenital anomalies of the heart among the children in north part of Iraq to decrease morbidity and mortality among them and to enhance the skills of local health professionals both medical and paramedics. EMC collected around 2500 cases with CHD in Erbil, Duhok, Suleimania Kirkuk and Mousil and incessantly work to raise funds for their treatment.

With three thousand dollars you can treat a patient with congenital heart diseases by surgical correction or interventional cardiac cauterization.




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