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 Ministry of Health/KRG
  EMC is a partner with MOH / KRG and signed an MOU with ministry of health/KRG on 21st May 2006, the MOU was approved by the council of ministers, presidency of Divan on 25/6/2006 ,according to this MOU EMC took over administration of Emergency hospital , a 100 bed hospital specialized for treatment of war related injuries, mine injuries, burn and disabled patients with spinal cord injury.

EMC renovated and expanded  a hospital (maternity) built by Iraqi Red Crescent Society in Erbil ,across from college of science, to fit for the use as specialized cardiac center and then established a sustainable management system on the base of non for profit Public private (NGO)  partnership for management the tertiary hospital named Surgical Specialty hospital -cardiac Centre from June 2006 to October 2012 , the cardiac centre was an excellent example of the PPP (Public Private Partnership) initiative promoted by KRG, the centre was build with government funds and administered by EMC, the centre cost 16 million USD $ to build and equip and took just 2 years to build, EMC employed more than 300 medical and paramedical staff from all over Iraq and trained and developed them to become the best cardiac centre and the most sustainable one in Iraq .



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