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 QANDIL, the Swedish international development organization
  EMC provides physical and psychosocial Rehabilitation and undertake architectural house modification for patients who are paralyzed and desperately in need of psychosocial therapy. EMC also provides technical consultancy about the special requirements of health facilities in term of  physical structure and medical equipment, EMC signed a memorandum of understanding for the project of assistance to disabled patients with spinal cord injury ( disability awareness program with QANDIL, the Swedish international development organization (Funded by SIDA) in 1st April 2007 for a period of 9 months during the program many patients were provide medical and surgical care with physiotherapy and training program for rehabilitation and with the help of QANDIL organization, they all have received house modification to eliminate any architectural barrier burdening patient movement at home as ramping, plate forms, door and doorway corrections , fixing hand rails , provision and install of sinks , water tank , pipes and showers and provided facilities to ease and simplify daily living tasks and prevent complications related to their injuries




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