Ministry of Health/KRG

EMC is a partner with MOH / KRG and signed an MOU with ministry of health/KRG on 21st May 2006, the MOU was approved by the council of ministers, presidency of Divan on 25/6/2006 ,according to this MOU EMC took over administration of Emergency hospital , a 100 bed hospital specialized for treatment of war related injuries, mine injuries, burn and disabled patients with spinal cord injury.

EMC renovated and expanded  a hospital (maternity) built by Iraqi Red Crescent Society in Erbil ,across from college of science, to fit for the use as specialized cardiac center and then established a sustainable management system on the base of non for profit Public – private (NGO)  partnership for management the tertiary hospital named Surgical Specialty hospital -cardiac Centre from June 2006 to October 2012 , the cardiac centre was an excellent example of the PPP (Public Private Partnership) initiative promoted by KRG, the centre was build with government funds and administered by EMC, the centre cost 16 million USD $ to build and equip and took just 2 years to build, EMC employed more than 300 medical and paramedical staff from all over Iraq and trained and developed them to become the best cardiac centre and the most sustainable one in Iraq .

International relief and development (IRD)

EMC Provides mental health care services to the public, especially to victims of war ,mass causalities, disaster and conflict situations and suicides attempts including diagnosis, psychotherapy, medication and follow up, EMC has signed a memorandum of understanding with IRD (international relief and development) for the program of Iraq Mental health Initiative (IMHI) on February 16, 2009 for a period of 10 months.

The main objectives under the IMHI were to increase the capacity of Iraqi service providers to meet the mental health and psychosocial needs of conflict victims, to improve the quality of mental health and psychosocial  service provision, to reduce the stigma and the discrimination associated with mental illness by implementing a national level advocacy and information campaign and to increase access of vulnerable populations to mental health services.

Through this program 80 junior house officers and psychiatry residents rotated through the Emergency hospital and burn units to be trained in consultation psychiatry and psychiatry care delivery to trauma victim, the program successfully achieved its goals and sustained and psychiatric care are provided with professional psychiatrist doctors working with Emergency hospital.

QANDIL, the Swedish international development organization

EMC provides physical and psychosocial Rehabilitation and undertake architectural house modification for patients who are paralyzed and desperately in need of psychosocial therapy. EMC also provides technical consultancy about the special requirements of health facilities in term of  physical structure and medical equipment, EMC signed a memorandum of understanding for the project of assistance to disabled patients with spinal cord injury ( disability awareness program with QANDIL, the Swedish international development organization (Funded by SIDA) in 1st April 2007 for a period of 9 months during the program many patients were provide medical and surgical care with physiotherapy and training program for rehabilitation and with the help of QANDIL organization, they all have received house modification to eliminate any architectural barrier burdening patient movement at home as ramping, plate forms, door and doorway corrections , fixing hand rails , provision and install of sinks , water tank , pipes and showers and provided facilities to ease and simplify daily living tasks and prevent complications related to their injuries

Japanese Red Cross (JRC) Kumamoto Hospital

EMC provides on the job training courses in war surgery for international staff given that EMC signed memorandum of undertakings with Japanese Red cross Kumamoto Hospital EMC has signed an MOU with Japanese Red Cross (JRC) Kumamoto Hospital in October 2008 for the purpose of training nurses and doctors from Kumamoto Red cross hospital in the field of war surgery in EMC -Emergency hospital / Erbil.

Several nurses and doctors from Kumamoto hospital have been hosted by our hospitals and successfully completed the training program.

Japanese Red Cross Head Quarters (JRCHQ)

The program of training medical staff from Japan expanded in a way to involve staff from all the prefectures of Japan as the Japanese Red Cross Head Quarters (JRCHQ) took over the responsibility of the project form JRC Kumamoto to recruit more candidates for this training program throughout Japan for this purpose the Head quarter of Japanese red cross society signed a  new Memorandum of Understating with EMC in 2011 and the project continued until the end of June 2013 when the last group (from Tokyo and Tokushima) have left the hospital after successfully completing the training program.

USAID and DAI (development alternatives inc.)

EMC undertake and strengthen medical surveillance systems in coordination with Ministry of Health/KRG and general directorates of health on various topics. Congenital heart diseases (CHD) survey conducted in December 2008 throughout August 2009 was the biggest surveillance conducted with the help of USAID fund and DAI (development alternatives inc.), the survey aimed at obtaining consistent data (name, age, sex, location, medical history and examination, investigations, diagnosis and priority for intervention) on congenital anomalies of the heart among the children in north part of Iraq to decrease morbidity and mortality among them and to enhance the skills of local health professionals both medical and paramedics.. EMC collected around 2500 cases with CHD in Erbil, Duhok, Suleimania Kirkuk and Mousil and incessantly work to raise funds for their treatment.


MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERS /Switzerland, the international association that provides assistance to populations in distress , to victims of natural and man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict, aiming at exchange of knowledge ,capacity building of human resources and strengthening the referral system to EMC in order to improve access to medical-surgical care for wounded victims from the conflict affected area specially from Mousil and Kirkuk cities, the MOU was for 26 months and signed on  7/6/2007

Medchild (Italian Governmental Foundation)

Medchild (Italian Governmental Foundation): the Foundation MedChild is formed by the Foundation Gaslini, the Foundation IME, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hospital Gaslini of Genoa, the Vatican Hospital of the Child Jesus in Rome, the Region Liguria, the Royal Scientific Society of Amman, and the Arab Urban Development Institute of Riyadh. One of the objectives of EMC is to build relation with international professional foundations and charity organizations to bring highly professional staff for the purpose of improvement, capacity building and development of this medical field, as well as in fund raising for the charity component of the hospital. The MOU signed in December 2007.

Bonn University hospital/Germany

Bonn University hospital/Germany for capacity building of medical staff in surgical specialty hospital cardiac centre since February 2008 to the present time.

Karolinska University Hospital / burn and reconstructive surgery unit / Sweden

Karolinska University Hospital / burn and reconstructive surgery unit / Sweden for training and exchange of knowledge and skills on management of burn cases in 2008.

Rostock school of Medicine: UNIVERSITAT ROSTOCK

Rostock school of Medicine: UNIVERSITAT ROSTOCK- Medizinische Fakultat-Klinik und poliklinik fur innere Medizin –Direktor der Abteilung fur Kardiologie –Germany since May 2008 to the present.

Vienna University hospital

Vienna University hospital -Cardiothoracic Surgery department of the General Hospital and Vienna University /Vienna/Austria  in December 2008 to the present time.

Groningen university Hospital/ Netherlands

Groningen university Hospital/ Netherlands in 2009 for exchange of knowledge and expertise.